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Life Activation

Most often the first healing received. 
This powerful healing connects you with your divine essence and sets the foundation for any additional healing session. 

The Life Activation includes: energetic systems balancing, codon activation, and codon reading.

Full Spirit Activation

This healing activates certain centers of the brain and connects them with your soul wisdoms so that you can function with greater awareness and vitality.

Soul Retrieval

A simple but comprehensive healing to retrieve lost and fragmented parts of your soul. 

In this healing, I travel to where your lost soul parts are and support them in return back to you to integrate with your complete being. 

Ensofic Reiki

A powerful 3 part healing series that can help with any physical and emotional illness. 

This series includes brain balancing, negative pattern correction, and overall strengthen of your energetic body using En Sofic Energy.

Tree Of Life

This healing helps activate and balance all the energies contained in the Tree of Life Sephirot as they exist in you energetic field. 

This healing can be added to many other healings to help strengthen your ability to integrate the healing work. 

Chakra Balancing

Basic balancing of your chakras to assist you in overall balance. This healing can be added to most other healings for additional energetic strengthening. 

Shamanic Aura Clensing

The Shamanic Aura Clearing uses a cleansing mantra to remove unwanted energies from your energetic field. 

Core-Will Infusion

Strengthen your will and alignment with spirit so that you can overcome any challenge or obstacle with which you are struggling.

Fire Soul Healing

By placing certain sigils in your etheric structure, this healing helps to strengthen and balance your Kundalini energy and active more passion in your life. 

Etheric Reconstruction

This healing works within the etheric field to remove the energetic template of problems and can be used for physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.


“As a result of this experience I felt more open and free in my life and less burdened by things outside my control.” - Lisa
“I had massive expectations leading up to this experience and I've noticed that as the days go on, my expectations continue to be fulfilled as I am living in a state of fluidity and empowerment that I would yearn for prior to the healing.” - Andre
"I received a Life Activation with Kate a few months ago and many things have unfolded in my life and how I hold myself to finding greater alignment with my truth. I also received the first healing of the Ensofic Reiki series which helped me in navigating overwhelming thought loops and negative emotional spirals- I have been feeling more energetically clear and emotionally strong. Physically, my relationship with my body is improving. I am so thankful for Kate’s loving care, she is full of light and helps me remember to come home to my heart. "
-Jessica Vicari 
 “I recently did a life activation with Kate and the first thing I noticed was that I felt like my energy and aura field had been shaken up.  I took it easy the day of the healing and meditated with some amethyst to ease into this new transition.  A day after the healing I started to notice that I was more decisive.  Where I might have hesitated before and debated my decisions, I found I was better able to forge ahead with projects and everyday tasks.  A week or so after I found my gut health was improving and I noticed myself craving better choices for foods and drinking more water.  I have also been drawn to more quiet time, and meditation and my healing energy has increased where before it felt a bit stagnant.”  J Lea-Plante

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